Friday, July 26, 2013

Why Bootcamp?

The gym is great because you can find so many typical machines, weights, equipment that most people already know how to use and also fun new innovative machines that catch your eye and you can't wait to just get on that! You can meet new people with the same interests as you. You can work with amazing Personal Trainers ;) Or you can work alone. But sometimes, the gym can become boring. Repetitive. You get lazy to do the same machines, over and over again. And when your workout becomes more routine, the fewer calories you burn. The harder it is to lose weight or gain size.

So why not change up the pace a little bit and join a bootcamp!!!

First thing people think is military. Strict. Yelling. Hard work. So what!!! Get up and try a bootcamp! Challenge yourself! You want to see a difference?!

Change in your workout is very important as your muscles will get used to routine and the work becomes monotonous. You also create excitement in your life by adding something new. And the wonderful feeling of achievement when you've accomplished that class. You'll feel the burn but your body will thank you after.

I'm not saying drop the gym.  I still love going to the gym. But spice up your fitness with a bootcamp. Get your butt kicked and then kick some butt right back!

The best part about bootcamps is that they are a full body workout including a warm up, cardiovascular work, strength and resistance training, stretches and a cool down. Most times people forget one or two or five of those extremely important things with their workout. You build up your strength, your anaerobic threshold, your endurance.

If you build muscles but don't do cardiovascular work, where will your muscles get enough oxygen to supply its needs to get and stay strong? Stretching is for girls??? You prevent injuries and allow yourself to lift more when you stretch! Bootcamps will get your muscles, bones, joints, and even your cardiovascular system stronger, fitter and healthier! You are a better you overall!

Try it out for yourself! Add a bootcamp.

Men, You Need to Stretch!
Women, You Need More Than Just Cardio!

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