Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Fartlek

Sounds like a funny word, doesn't it? So what is a Fartlek you ask?! Fartlek mean "Speed Play" in Swedish as the session essentially plays on bursts of speed. A Fartlek training session will consist of intervals varying in speed and distance utilizing walking, jogging, and sprinting. Some may even add inclines! The purpose of a Fartlek workout is to develop and build up speed and to increase your anaerobic threshold.

The Fartlek Training is different from your typical interval training as it will look a little more unstructured. For example:

Warm up steady pace for 5mins
2 mins 5.0mph
1 min 7.0mph
1 min 3.0mph
Uphill for 200meters
1 min 2.5mph
30 sec 9.0mph
2 mins 4.5mph
Uphill 1 min
1 min 2.0mph
and so on... (sort of what my workout looked like this morning).

Your session would typically last about 45 mins. I like adding a Fartlek session once in a while because of its inconsistency, making the workout to be more challenging and different and not as monotonous. For those who don't like running, it makes the time go by a little quicker ;)

Try it out! Run with varying interjections of speed for about 45 mins!

Fartlek Training: Warm up easy pace 5 mins
                            25 to 45 mins at varying intensity for 30 seconds to 2 min each
                            Cool down  steady pace - faster than warm up pace

Happy Training! :)

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