Friday, July 26, 2013

Docs Script: Get a Gym Membership

I brought my daughter to see her rheumatologist a while back. She's been complaining of pain in her joints for a couple of years now. She was diagnosed with hyper-mobility but only in her upper extremities. Her lower extremities are not so mobile. She was also diagnosed with Patellofemoral Syndrome. His recommendation for her was to get a gym membership and strength train 3-5x/week. My kind of answer!

He explained to her the importance of strengthening her joints as they regularly sublux, stating there is no medication to remedy or alter a natural framework. With no exercise, the pain will worsen and her body will weaken.

You always hear that proper diet and regular exercise is the answer, but to most, that's just too much work.

I work with the elderly and let me tell you, you can tell who exercised while they were able compared to the ones who lived a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of them will even tell you, "I wish I was more active when I was younger.", as just getting up out of bed to transfer to a chair is almost impossible for them.
Some of them are motivated to start now realizing just how important it is to exercise.

Health Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living

Endurance: 4-7 days a week
Flexibility: 2-7 days a week
Strength: 2-4 days a week

Live longer with a better quality of life! Reduce your chances of injury or illnesses both physically and mentally!

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