Friday, March 15, 2013

No Pain, No Gain

Yesterday (14/03/13) we had our Fitness/Muay Thai class. Its always good to see new people show up. I think almost weekly I get a funny response from a new comer. Yesterday someone said to me, "So you're the conditioning trainer. I came a few weeks ago and you weren't here. I liked it better. I didn't sweat as much. Feel free to take some time off more often." With a bit of a chuckle at the end. My response, "If you come back next week, then a part of you really did like it."

No pain, no gain! I encourage you to push through the drills, but take slow down if its too much for you. Your body knows your limit. I modified some peoples workouts. You don't need to be a hero if you can't do it especially if its your first time. People have been coming to this class for months and are used to it by now. If its your first time, take care of you. You'll enjoy it more if you push yourself at your pace. But don't forget to push yourself ;)

some pics from 140313

Its a fun time and it costs only $5 to join. All proceeds go to a good cause thats why we are called Cause Effect Fitness. Last year we were able to put a few roofs up in the Philippines after the big hurricane hit. We help feed less fortunate families. We are in the midst of collecting donations to buy equipment for under-priviledge kids so they can participate in healthy physical activities. The list goes on. Its a gift to you and your health and its a gift to others who are in need. Come try us out! Have a good time, and maybe get involved. Send me a message if you are interested. Or visit our Facebook page in the link above and leave a message there. 

Hope to keep seeing new faces! 

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