Friday, October 25, 2013

30 Day Yoga Challenge - Pose 1 and 2

Yesterday I started a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. All it is is adding a new yoga pose into my day.

Just a little while ago my GP told me that I have Spondyloarthritis in my spine. Every joint in my body feels affected by arthritis and most times any type of movement hurts. I was advised to stop or cut down on all my physical activities, which was devastating news, and to increase, or in my case re-introduce yoga into my daily routine. Now the only problem I have with yoga is that my joints are weak and sore. Its difficult to weight bear on them. From a few months ago being able to tolerate any type of activity or exercise to not being able to open a jar is very discouraging. BUT I just can't let myself get worse.

So, I will start off slow and from the beginning again. Join me in my challenge if you can :)

Yesterday's Pose:

Salabhasana - Locust Post

Today's Pose:

Parivrtta Bhadda Parsvakonasana - Revolved Side Angle Pose

Feel free to leave messages of how you are doing if you decide to do this challenge with me! Follow me on Twitter @Fit_HIIT_Yoga


Friday, July 26, 2013

Docs Script: Get a Gym Membership

I brought my daughter to see her rheumatologist a while back. She's been complaining of pain in her joints for a couple of years now. She was diagnosed with hyper-mobility but only in her upper extremities. Her lower extremities are not so mobile. She was also diagnosed with Patellofemoral Syndrome. His recommendation for her was to get a gym membership and strength train 3-5x/week. My kind of answer!

He explained to her the importance of strengthening her joints as they regularly sublux, stating there is no medication to remedy or alter a natural framework. With no exercise, the pain will worsen and her body will weaken.

You always hear that proper diet and regular exercise is the answer, but to most, that's just too much work.

I work with the elderly and let me tell you, you can tell who exercised while they were able compared to the ones who lived a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of them will even tell you, "I wish I was more active when I was younger.", as just getting up out of bed to transfer to a chair is almost impossible for them.
Some of them are motivated to start now realizing just how important it is to exercise.

Health Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living

Endurance: 4-7 days a week
Flexibility: 2-7 days a week
Strength: 2-4 days a week

Live longer with a better quality of life! Reduce your chances of injury or illnesses both physically and mentally!

Why Bootcamp?

The gym is great because you can find so many typical machines, weights, equipment that most people already know how to use and also fun new innovative machines that catch your eye and you can't wait to just get on that! You can meet new people with the same interests as you. You can work with amazing Personal Trainers ;) Or you can work alone. But sometimes, the gym can become boring. Repetitive. You get lazy to do the same machines, over and over again. And when your workout becomes more routine, the fewer calories you burn. The harder it is to lose weight or gain size.

So why not change up the pace a little bit and join a bootcamp!!!

First thing people think is military. Strict. Yelling. Hard work. So what!!! Get up and try a bootcamp! Challenge yourself! You want to see a difference?!

Change in your workout is very important as your muscles will get used to routine and the work becomes monotonous. You also create excitement in your life by adding something new. And the wonderful feeling of achievement when you've accomplished that class. You'll feel the burn but your body will thank you after.

I'm not saying drop the gym.  I still love going to the gym. But spice up your fitness with a bootcamp. Get your butt kicked and then kick some butt right back!

The best part about bootcamps is that they are a full body workout including a warm up, cardiovascular work, strength and resistance training, stretches and a cool down. Most times people forget one or two or five of those extremely important things with their workout. You build up your strength, your anaerobic threshold, your endurance.

If you build muscles but don't do cardiovascular work, where will your muscles get enough oxygen to supply its needs to get and stay strong? Stretching is for girls??? You prevent injuries and allow yourself to lift more when you stretch! Bootcamps will get your muscles, bones, joints, and even your cardiovascular system stronger, fitter and healthier! You are a better you overall!

Try it out for yourself! Add a bootcamp.

Men, You Need to Stretch!
Women, You Need More Than Just Cardio!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Fartlek

Sounds like a funny word, doesn't it? So what is a Fartlek you ask?! Fartlek mean "Speed Play" in Swedish as the session essentially plays on bursts of speed. A Fartlek training session will consist of intervals varying in speed and distance utilizing walking, jogging, and sprinting. Some may even add inclines! The purpose of a Fartlek workout is to develop and build up speed and to increase your anaerobic threshold.

The Fartlek Training is different from your typical interval training as it will look a little more unstructured. For example:

Warm up steady pace for 5mins
2 mins 5.0mph
1 min 7.0mph
1 min 3.0mph
Uphill for 200meters
1 min 2.5mph
30 sec 9.0mph
2 mins 4.5mph
Uphill 1 min
1 min 2.0mph
and so on... (sort of what my workout looked like this morning).

Your session would typically last about 45 mins. I like adding a Fartlek session once in a while because of its inconsistency, making the workout to be more challenging and different and not as monotonous. For those who don't like running, it makes the time go by a little quicker ;)

Try it out! Run with varying interjections of speed for about 45 mins!

Fartlek Training: Warm up easy pace 5 mins
                            25 to 45 mins at varying intensity for 30 seconds to 2 min each
                            Cool down  steady pace - faster than warm up pace

Happy Training! :)

Cause Effect Fitness

Last year we started a small community of people with a purpose of fitness with a cause, thus becoming our name -  Cause Effect Fitness We started off as a small group offering fun Muay Thai classes where we encouraged others to get fit, have fun and meet new people for a small gesture of $5 that we give that to a charity or cause. We continue to do the same, offering more class opportunities and building great relationships. One place we have made a great connection with is called The Open Door located in the Square One Shopping Centre. We help buy, collect, make and serve food to homeless and/or disadvantage families. We have  a core group that has built a great relationship with some wonderful people at The Open Door.

Some of the community groups we have been involved with include Peel Youth Village  that serves disadvantage youth offering housing, counselling and where we fit in, fitness/recreational groups and classes. Some of us also serve at Evergreen Centre - Yonge Street Mission in Toronto for Muay Thai classes and currently at The Dam at their Cooksville Drop In Centre location, for fitness classes as well as cooking classes.

To date, these are the classes we have to offer at The Gateway Centre:

Thursday 7pm: Muay Thai
Saturday 10am: Muay Thai
Saturday 11:45am: Bootcamp
Saturdays 1pm: Fitness Plus (40+)

We have also put together a big strong group of individuals who have joined this year's Tough Mudder event in September. Great for training, encouraging and motivating one another and plain old fun!

We have been utterly blessed to be able to work with and serve others and we continue to strive to be Outbound.
Pls feel free to contact me for inquiries or comments.

Hope to see you at one of our classes! Thanks and many blessings!

You can  'like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @causeeffectfit

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Follow my new Twitter account @FitnessScripts for daily motivational quotes and workout prescriptions. :)

Cheers to Hard Work!

Friday, March 15, 2013

No Pain, No Gain

Yesterday (14/03/13) we had our Fitness/Muay Thai class. Its always good to see new people show up. I think almost weekly I get a funny response from a new comer. Yesterday someone said to me, "So you're the conditioning trainer. I came a few weeks ago and you weren't here. I liked it better. I didn't sweat as much. Feel free to take some time off more often." With a bit of a chuckle at the end. My response, "If you come back next week, then a part of you really did like it."

No pain, no gain! I encourage you to push through the drills, but take slow down if its too much for you. Your body knows your limit. I modified some peoples workouts. You don't need to be a hero if you can't do it especially if its your first time. People have been coming to this class for months and are used to it by now. If its your first time, take care of you. You'll enjoy it more if you push yourself at your pace. But don't forget to push yourself ;)

some pics from 140313

Its a fun time and it costs only $5 to join. All proceeds go to a good cause thats why we are called Cause Effect Fitness. Last year we were able to put a few roofs up in the Philippines after the big hurricane hit. We help feed less fortunate families. We are in the midst of collecting donations to buy equipment for under-priviledge kids so they can participate in healthy physical activities. The list goes on. Its a gift to you and your health and its a gift to others who are in need. Come try us out! Have a good time, and maybe get involved. Send me a message if you are interested. Or visit our Facebook page in the link above and leave a message there. 

Hope to keep seeing new faces! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today's Cause Effect Fitness WOD (pre Muay Thai)

Be mentally prepared.

Warm Up Jog 5-15mins
1 Min Jumping Jacks

15 Burpees

1 Pushup/1 Push Press
- repeat adding 1 rep each time (2 Pushups/2 Push Presses)
Reach 10 reps then go backwards

20 Air Squats

20 Crunches
20 Russian Twists

V-up Holds 30 Seconds x2
Plank 1 Minute x2

15 Burpees

Stretch and wrap up!

*** Don't fret! Modified workouts available for beginners! All fitness levels welcome! ***

Check out and like our FB page: Cause Effect Fitness

Your Health is an Investment

I'm always trying to set new fitness goals. I look for new things to try or set up or join an event. I would really love to somehow make this a/my job. I know I work in the hospital and do physiotherapy but it's not the same thing. Its not exactly what I want to be doing. Its not where my passion lies in physical fitness. I want to do something that challenges me as well as the people I work with. I want to inspire people to be physically fit. I also want to help people become healthier and happier people. I want to have fun and see people having fun getting fit. I want to help people reach their goals. I want to help people with chronic pains, heart problems, joint problems, addictions, etc experience how therapeutic exercise is for their health and life. I want to run groups, talk to people, encourage them to become active daily. I guess this is so important to me because of my own physical ailments and my sisters, and all those in my life I've seen suffer through health issues. I see my patients struggle to walk or want to get out bed, many saying "I wish I was more active when I was able... maybe it would have helped me fight harder."

I love joining events like The Ride to Conquer Cancer or The Healing Cycle or anything that brings awareness to an illness or disease because it gives me the opportunity to keep active and take care of myself as well as support those who are going through something.

Exercise is preventative and if you give it a chance, fun! You'll notice a difference in your own life, your outlook in life, your attitude, your energy level. It doesn't mean you have to be able to do Tough Mudder. Aim for 30 minutes of cardio daily. Go for a walk on your break. Dance. Ride a bike. Stretch daily. Strength train at least 3x a week. That doesn't mean do olympic weight lifting! Pick up a 2lb dumbbell and curl it. Join a fitness class. Who cares if you think you suck! Have fun with it. Just get moving!

I find that a lot of times I am the only girl in my circle and have a hard time encouraging other girls to be more involved in some sort of physical activity. Maybe its the type of activities I'm involved in, but ladies, if you are interested in being more physically fit and active, let me know and I can work with you on your fitness goals. Private or group settings.

Muay Thai classes every Thursday 7pm at the Gateway Centre. All fitness levels welcome! ONLY $5!  And all proceeds go to a good cause!

Yoga, (an)aerobic/fitness classes, and running groups starting soon!

Your health in an investment ;)

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
~ V. Franki

Saturday, February 23, 2013

90 Mins = Sore Butt Well Worth It

Today 5 of us participated in a 90 min spin class at Gears Bike Shop / Gears Twitter to get a kick start in training for The Ride To Conquer Cancer / Ride Twitter. I've done spin classes before but they were only 30 mins long and then 30 mins of yoga after. So 90 mins was pretty intense. I did the ride 3 years ago and today I remembered what it felt like to be on my bike for a long period of time. Let's just say I am having a hard time sitting on hard surfaces. And this is nothing compared to the 200km cancer ride.

Listening to everyone share their stories of why they are participating in the ride made me teary. I thought of mama. I wanted to share my story but I didn't. I thought to myself, I had my time a few years ago. I wanted to let others talk. Truthfully, I was too choked up. I knew I would start crying if I did. Though I knew no one would judge me there, I preferred to keep the tears in this time.

There were brave souls in there today. Those who've lost someone to cancer. Some who have a loved one battling through it right now. And those who are battling through cancer themselves. You never forget it, but you do become stronger from it. If you allow yourself to.

I've learned a lot over the years in regards to cancer. Not the pathophysiology of it. But the ethics of it. How to empathize and not so much to sympathize. I learned that a lot of people are going through it whether being the victim or the loved one. And I learned that we can all be a part of finding a cure for it. Not everyone will be healed from it, unfortunately. But they don't have to go through it alone. I found that one of the greatest gifts you can give someone going through such a devastating disease is love. There is no comfort greater than that. Even if the prognosis is poor, we can always assure someone by showing them that someone cares and they don't have to do it alone.

You can make a difference. Anyone can. You just need to make that choice and do it.

Thanks for the class, the stories, and the cause!

God bless!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quote of the Day

"All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
 ~ Walt Disney