Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowboarding Love

There was quite the snow fall yesterday on our way up to Blue Mountain. Beautiful white fluffy snow. The road conditions weren't the best for driving but it was definitely worth the drive!

My knees were hurting pretty badly so I didn't expect to get much boarding in this time but I was willing to take the risk for even just a couple of runs. I'm stubborn that way. I couldn't decide between taping or bandaging my knee but alas I chose to tensor bandage it so I could take it off in between to give it a break. I lasted longer than expected; 4 hours. But by 9:30pm I could hardly make it down the slopes. Strangely, though penduluming puts a lot of stress on your knees and shins, on my last run all I could do was pendulum down most of the way. I couldn't balance or put much weight on especially my right knee anymore. Luckily I made it down without falling. Hopefully next year my knees can tolerate more so I can ride "real" mountains somewhere outside of Ontario.

I know its blurry but this is all I have ;)
All the snow on my mask is from the ski lift. 
It was so windy and snowing a lot.

I love snowboarding! The feel of the wind and snow on my face. The thrill of flying down the trails. Even the ride up the lifts are breathtaking. When snowboarding I feel as though I'm in another world; timeless, exhilarated, free. Snowboarding is that one sport that gets my adrenaline going the most.

Yesterday we  met a guy who also loves snowboarding. He told us that just last week he broke his leg, bruised 3 ribs, and ruptured his kidney but loves snowboarding so much he had to come back again this week..................... I had to giggle. Good thing I was sitting on the opposite side of him on the ski lift. I would have come up with a more realistic story but that's okay, he seemed to like his. I just had to share that. The things we say and do for the love of the sport :)

Happy trails and safe riding!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right."
~ Henry Ford

Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

I'm a forefoot runner and am prone to getting shine splints. Sometimes it feels like a stress-fracture. Here are some things to do to prevent and treat shin splints:

Running on your toes keep your calf muscles contracted. They stay short and tight and never get a chance to stretch, which contribute to shin splints.

Make sure to effectively stretch your calf muscles.

1. Gastrocnemius: Sit with booth legs straight, toes pointing straight up, then flex feet towards you. I like to use a band to pull toes forward. Loop band around the ball of foot (one at a time). Hold for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 10x.

2. Soleus: Sit with one leg straight and the other one bent. Take hold of the bottom of your foot on the bent leg and pull towards your body as far as you can tolerate, keeping heel on the ground. Hold 3-5 seconds. Repeat 10x.

3. Achilles Tendon: Sit with one leg straight and the other leg bent. Bring your heel to your buttocks, keeping your heel on the ground. Hold for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 10x.

Strengthen the muscles that attach to your shinbone.

1. Try walking barefoot on your heels keeping your toes off the ground for one minute. Repeat 3x.

2. Lift your big toe off the ground, hold, and lower. Repeat 10x

Taping shinsplints yourself.

1. Cut a piece of therapy tape about 12 - 18 inches long, depending on how high your pain goes.  Round edges.

2. Flex your foot. Place one end of the tape on the outside of your foot. Bring it under your arch then up the front of your shin, making sure it is sticking on well.

3. Then you are going to use a stronger tape (ie. I use Leukotape, others have used duct tape) to help support your arch. Apply this tape on the outside of your foot on top the first tape, and under the arch. Pull the tape to give it good support.

4. Now you're ready to run!

 If you are still feeling pain after a few days go to the doctor's to get an xray to make sure you don't have a stress fracture.

Happy running!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yoga, Running, Zumba

I was going to wait until the end of the week to do a recap of my workout week but after today's activity, I just couldn't wait. I tried out a couple of new places and/or activities in the past 5 days and just wanted to share some with you.

1. Hot Yoga at Rebirth Yoga located in Streetsville. Neat place. Friendly staff. Was supposedly a FLOW class but to most in the class it seemed more like a POWER class. I haven't been to yoga in quite some time now, perhaps almost a year. It was great to go back. I think over the last year I got so addicted to running and working out that I neglected proper stretching. It was quite painful! Even my shavasana hurt! Stretching is VERY important! But I don't want people to assume that yoga is only stretching! My goodness its so much more!

Some of the health benefits of yoga:
Strength training
Increase endurance
Increase energy levels
Posture improves
Increases range of motion
Balance and coordination improves
Flexibility increases
Pain therapy
Cardiovascular efficiency increases
Improves sleep
Improves mood and anxiety
Respiratory efficiency improves
Memory, concentrationm, attention, and awareness improve

Just name a very few!

Coming up: The Yoga Conference at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre - March 29 - April 1
Check it out!
Also, if you love yoga or are new to yoga and don't know where to start and want to check out what studios are out there check out $30 - 70 studios across the GTA - 1 year expiry date. Best deal yet! There are so many awesome studios out there! Don't miss out!

2. I desperately need new runners! And proper ones at that! I ran 5km in 29mins, not too shabby but not my best. Let  me tell you, my toes were tingling and in pain halfway through that run and my low back was killing me! Proper runners may cost a bit but it beats having pain. Good investment! Visit a good shoe store for an assessment. I like  and If you have a good pair of shoes and still find you are having pain, check your running posture. Make sure your posture is straight and erect but not tight and rigid. Keep your head straight in a natural neutral position, don't look down at your feet or up at the sky. Keep your shoulders at ease to maintain range of motion. Slightly bend at your elbows adn don't hold a tight grip of your hands. Keep your chest up and your buttocks tightened. make sure your feet pointed forward and let your feet hit the ground naturally.  Breathe! These are just a few pointers to a good run.

3. Zumba! Tons of great fun even for those who can't dance. Latin inspired dance fitness! A fun way to keep fit and have fun! Zumba involves dance moves such as salsa, merengue, soca, hip hop, belly dance, even martial arts moves. It also involves aerobics, squats, and lunges. This was my first time trying Zumba and I sweated up a storm! A definite must do again! Follow @zumbawithjeanna on Twitter now! Great teacher!

Well, thats my recap for now! Thanks for reading! See you all soon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Intro to my Fitness, Health, and Wellness Blog

I've tried blogging about several different things but I could never stay committed. Then I realized that the thing I talk about, tweet about, research about the most is anything fitness, health, and wellness related. So why have I never blogged about it? Well, here it is :) I'm not promising to know everything, or very much for that matter, but I will post my thoughts and whatever tips I have.

This is me: I am a fitness and health enthusiast! I love trying new things and from that found new loves over the years. From snowboarding to hot yoga to crossfit. I love to cook! Probably because I love to eat! I love to help people back to health, hence the hospital job. I'm a therapist who needs therapy, and because I need the therapy I became addicted to finding and learning different therapeutic techniques and alternative methods. I work closely with other therapist, trainers, and dieticians who will also aid in some of the daily advice I post.

So stay tuned to find out more! Right now, I'm on my way to Hot Yoga! See you soon!